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Dixxon is a well-known ecommerce business which is selling flannel fashion clothes online.

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Overview of Dixxon Flannel Co.

„Work hard and stay humble- we do what we do for the customer because at the end of the day we are our customer. Like them, we want high-quality products at an affordable price.“ – Chris Vallely, a seasoned marketer in charge of eCommerce, product development, and supply chain at Dixxon Flannel Co.

Dixxon Flannel Co. is an eCommerce business that focuses on delivering the highest quality products at everyday prices that the average Joe working class can afford. Touting a rugged, counter-culture and „getting your hands dirty“ vibe, Dixxon Flannel Co. prides itself on being a brand „for the people.“

Flannel quality wasn’t the only thing on their minds though. Dixxon Flannel Co. offers a level of quality in fast shipping and personalized experiences that many companies with their customer count can’t assure.

But, as with any company that grows rapidly, it becomes harder and harder to offer the same personalized customer experience (and maintain the massive number of orders).


The Challenge

Previously, Dixxon Flannel Co. had merely been sending bulk email newsletters to their growing subscriber base using Infusionsoft. With more and more customers subscribing to their newsletter campaigns, they knew they’d achieved something special.

When Chris joined the Dixxon Flannel team, he wasn’t a fan of the email marketing software they’d previously been using, InfusionSoft. And he recognized that generic email campaigns were no longer going to cut it. They needed communication that was more sophisticated and responded to their customers’ needs.

Though he’d tried Mailchimp before, he decided to start looking through the Shopify store to see if he could find a tool that would be a better fit for eCommerce than Mailchimp.

He needed something that was going to automate his emails quickly and without a lot of set up time.


The Omnisend Solution

With Omnisend listed as one of the top email marketing automation apps on the Shopify store, Chris found it easily and decided to set up the 14-day free trial. Omnisend had just what Dixxon Flannel Co. was looking for.

„I liked that you had all the automated emails already set up and ready. I don’t have time to do a lot of testing, so the fact that you had it already set up was helpful. The fact that I don’t have to touch it is key.“ Chris said when asked about his automation workflows.

Chris easily set up an abandoned cart, welcome, follow up, and browse abandonment email automation. The revenue that these automated emails generated was impressive.


The First Campaigns

With a switch to Omnisend, which is tailor-made for eCommerce businesses and smart marketers, the brand enabled essential automation workflows that generated more than $65,000 in just two months.

When they launched their first campaign, they had between 45-48 thousand subscribers. Dixxon Flannel Co. saw a 30% open rate and a 12% click-through rate.

According to Chris, depending on the month and day the campaigns are sent, Dixxon Flannel Co. sees 15-25% of their revenue coming from an email promotion.

Unlike the simple newsletter blasts, they’d put in place with Infusionsoft, Dixxon Flannel Co. now had access to welcome, browse and product abandonment, cart recovery, and order follow-up emails.

When asked what his favorite features of Omnisend were, Chris replied, „Product picker, the product selector. When I was using Mailchimp, you had to manually add everything, but the fact that I can literally click a button, and I can select the 4-5 shirts I need. I think that’s just so easy.“


Going Further with Automation

In the very beginning, Dixxon Flannel Co. put 5 different automation workflows in place to keep their customers on the line. The results from these campaigns were significant: in putting these automation email sequences in place, they earned back over $65,000 in revenue in their first two months.

Their cart recovery campaign was the most profitable for Dixxon Flannel Co. In line with the best practices of the eCommerce industry, they found that a three-email sequence worked well for their customers, which earned the retailer more than $36,000 alone.

However, if Dixxon Flannel Co. had only focused on cart abandonment, they would have missed out on an extra 240 orders (or $21,633 and 60% of total revenue from cart recovery).

Cart recovery and browse abandonment campaigns are particularly profitable for Dixxon Flannel Co., but their order follow-up campaigns are also bringing in nearly $8000.

This is likely due to an interesting follow-up strategy which focuses on customer experience with their new purchases while suggesting and upselling monthly bestsellers:

However one of the biggest claims to success for Dixxon Flannel Co. is its strategy around product launches.


The Teaser Strategy

Dixxon Flannel Co. uses a unique product launch strategy when they want to promote their new products. They send a teaser email 12 hours before the release to update their customers on the new products launching, and then another email when the product is officially released.

This strategy creates a feeling of urgency, as their flannels typically sell out quite quickly.

For Dixxon Flannel Co., when a product is gone, it’s gone for good.

When customers realized that each new product was a limited edition, they were quick to follow the promotional emails and purchase when the product was launched.

This strategy of urgency generates between 10-20 thousand dollars at each product launch, according to Chris. Dixxon Flannel Co. is able to launch 2-3 different limited edition products per month, so their customers stay attentive for the latest released styles.

For certain fan favorites, Dixxon Flannel Co. rereleases products, using Omnisend’s segmentation to target customers that hadn’t purchased the product at the original launch. According to Chris, at the rerelease of the Outlaw, a solid black flannel that customers raved over, the product was sold out that same week.

This strategy is great for those who have a similar type of business model. It’s worth noting the advanced segmentation that Dixxon employed to help these campaigns become more successful. By implementing an initial teaser email series for new products, and following up with more automated workflows to keep the customer interested, Dixxon managed to create a better experience that kept the customer truly engaged with their brand.
Looking Forward

With simple set up, they were able to automate smarter email campaigns for their customers which generated extra revenue for them on autopilot.

What’s more, since the automated email campaigns require little maintenance, Dixxon Flannel Co. can focus their time and energy into improving their business, and keeping up with all the customer orders!

When we asked Chris what the future holds for Dixxon Flannel Co.’s next marketing strategies, he said „We’re trying to build a brand rather than build sales. We’re trying to build the brand so people come to us.“

He mentioned that he’d like to try more automation in the future and do more testing. He’s also interested in doing more SMS marketing: „We can do it in a Dixxon way, where we’re not spamming you, but appreciating you and valuing you. So we add value by giving something in exchange like a discount or a promotion.“

„Social media may not be here forever, and we can’t rely on that forever. We need to think long term and say, ‘How do we stay relevant? How do we stay in the customer’s mind?“

With Dixxon’s successful automation workflows and unique product launch strategy, they’ve already got a great start. And Omnisend will be there to help along the way.

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