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Newsletter campaigns development

Gain a competitive edge with our targeted email strategy.

We handle your email marketing end-to-end: from planning and template design to content creation and platform optimization.

Audit and strategy

Been using email marketing for a while? Let us evaluate its effectiveness and suggest ways to boost your revenue.

We’ll assess your position in the market through an in-depth audit and compare your approach to your competitors.

Marketing automation

Stay ahead with automation. Harness its potential to contribute up to 40% of your channel’s revenue.

We’ll design an automation strategy tailored to your customer’s journey, incorporating email, SMS, browser notifications, and audience strategies for Facebook and Google ads.

Subscriber database management and administration

We’ll help you craft effective strategies to grow your subscriber list and set up subscription forms on your site and beyond.

Together, we’ll pinpoint your most profitable segments and ensure you’re up-to-date with database hygiene and GDPR best practices.

Expert consulting and training

With over a decade in the game, we’ve clocked in 200+ hours in training and consulting.

Let us share our expertise with your team or train specialists in the nuances of email marketing, both locally and globally, through routine consultations

Technical support for data and tool integration

Email marketing goes hand in hand with IT solutions. Different e-commerce and CRM platforms call for specialized knowledge.

Our adept team ensures seamless data integration, sets up transactional scenarios, and maintains your sender’s technical credibility.


Wondering how email marketing can boost your online store’s revenue?

Book a consultation where I’ll reveal why leveraging one of the most powerful channels is crucial to your business.

Matas Pocius, Head of

We advise

We advise

We’re a strong backbone for those who work autonomously.

We collaborate

We collaborate

Sharing the load, we join forces in a single account.

We do it for you

We do it for you

We’re a reliable partner, ready to steer the channel on your behalf.

Your brand messaging is in trusted hands.

Our team of 10 seasoned experts manages both the creative and technical facets of email marketing, so you can focus on your core business.

Expect top-tier service, utmost confidentiality, and rigorous GDPR compliance.

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„Gardenvity“ CEO of Gardenvity Algimantas Stankevičius

Email marketing is both an art and a science, and the team at truly excels at it…